Testing business workflows end2end with cy.task()

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I always try to follow Cypress’s best practices when writing robust and isolated test cases. If test data is needed I use fixtures, so that I can predict the outcome. But sometimes you want to test an entire workflow, where different types of users execute different parts of the process.

Key-Users and Business Analysts can automate tests in Cypress too, with a little help

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Some of the most valuable test cases come from Business Analysts and Key-Users. They know exactly what the needs are, and they can identify potential bottlenecks. From a business perspective, these business representatives are best at assessing new features.

But the biggest challenge is they don’t have technical backgrounds. Their…

Or: How to explain why your client should invest in testing

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I always have to explain to my clients why it is important to invest in test automation or testing in general even. And I have always found it difficult to explain how much they are actually saving. I use arguments such as: “Adopting testing in the early stages of development…

Testing Down the Pyramid

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I love my work as a freelance test automation specialist. Companies hire me to help to implement effective test automation strategies. For me, this means creating a balance between unit, integration, and end2end tests. But far too often, automated testing is not about strategy.

I believe there are two reasons…

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