Testing business workflows end2end with cy.task()

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I always try to follow Cypress’s best practices when writing robust and isolated test cases. If test data is needed I use fixtures, so that I can predict the outcome. But sometimes you want to test an entire workflow, where different types of users execute different parts of the process.

Normally you would test all those different parts in separate spec files. But if you already have created these specs, you can re-use those. All we have to do is store the output as state so that we can use it as input for another spec.

Behind Cypress, there runs…

Key-Users and Business Analysts can automate tests in Cypress too, with a little help

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Some of the most valuable test cases come from Business Analysts and Key-Users. They know exactly what the needs are, and they can identify potential bottlenecks. From a business perspective, these business representatives are best at assessing new features.

But the biggest challenge is they don’t have technical backgrounds. Their tests are functional acceptance tests and they will execute them by hand for each release. But when working Agile, testing everything in a sprint is simply not possible. The solution, of course, is test automation.

That’s why for me one of the most important parts of my job is to…

Or: How to explain why your client should invest in testing

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I always have to explain to my clients why it is important to invest in test automation or testing in general even. And I have always found it difficult to explain how much they are actually saving. I use arguments such as: “Adopting testing in the early stages of development will save you money”. But I can never fall back on any actual numbers to support these statements.

The Theory of Return On Investment

When I first started testing, I was taught the ways of the TMap methodology. One of the concepts in the training was called “The Law of Boehm”, named after Barry Boehm. The…

Testing Down the Pyramid

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I love my work as a freelance test automation specialist. Companies hire me to help to implement effective test automation strategies. For me, this means creating a balance between unit, integration, and end2end tests. But far too often, automated testing is not about strategy.

I believe there are two reasons: Companies don’t start with test automation at the beginning of a project. I still get a lot of clients asking me to help out when the project is well on its way, so they need me to be productive fast. …

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IT entrepreneur, Test Automation Specialist, trainer, DJ, and father of three. Creator at heart.

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